Price list

2 Person Room

2 person room is equipped in TV, wireless internet and a bathroom with shower or bath.

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150zł per 24 h

2 Rooms Suite for 4 people

2 rooms suite for 4 pepole in the attic of Our House is stylishly appointed. Suite is equipped with a TV, wireless internet, bathroom and a steam bath.

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250zł per 24 h

6 Person Villa

Two storied 6 person villa for the entire family with fully equipped kitchenette, 2 rooms, 2 bathrooms, fireplace and large living room. In the villa You will find Tv and wireless internet access s well.


2500zł per week

To all interested for the extra charge we offer dinners and late dinners in Our basement’s bar. We offer traditional polish meals, tasty and rich in most of the local products.

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